Our intense cream boosts cell renewal, revitalizes and moisturizes your skin, illuminates and evens out your complexion and calms redness and irritation of your epidermis.

It contains all the active ingredients acting in synergy and allowing the skin to fight from the morning against all aggressions (oxidation, pollution, sebum secretion, dryness, ...) and more particularly against the ageing of your cells. 

From our thirties onward, the renewal of our cells slows down. Night care then becomes essential to support the repair and regeneration activity that peaks at night. Whatever the treatment, it is interesting to know that the more your skin is moisturized, the more it will be able to assimilate the active ingredients!


Our in vitro test showed a decrease of - 64% of cellular oxidation.

Our in vivo test, showed an average gain of +28% in hydration, a measure evaluated 4 hours after application (and not after 1 hour) to be in realistic condition.

2 ocular safety tests were also conducted.