Elixir Bonheur is a complex containing pure virgin oils rich in essential fatty acids - Omega 3&6 - which have the power to densify, regenerate, firm and moisturize our skin. This complex is enriched with essential oils and vitamins that boost cell renewal, purify the skin and soothe its possible irritations and redness.

This serum is highly concentrated - 82% - in active principles. Its application at night is particularly recommended because, at night, the skin is in full activity of cellular regeneration to repair the damage suffered during the day. Its activity is at its peak around 2 o'clock in the morning with cell division 8 times more intense than at noon!

We strongly advise you in the evening to take the pleasure of applying it by massaging. Indeed, skin massage is an essential beauty gesture that oxygenates the epidermis, stimulates its mitotic activity and accentuates the absorption of active ingredients. This acceleration of the cutaneous micro-circulation allows a better penetration of the active ingredients.

From our thirties onwards, the renewal of our cells slows down. Night care then becomes an indispensable complement to day care in order to support the repair and regeneration activity.

The choice of a pump bottle with an air vacuum allows the biological richness of the virgin active ingredients of this serum to be preserved intact. Therefore, avoid unscrewing the pump and aerating the product.

Antioxidant efficacy is demonstrated by an in vitro clinical study evaluating the antioxidant potential.