Whether you are wearing make-up or not, cleansing your skin with oil is the ideal opportunity in the evening to massage the skin and thus initiate the nightly skin repair process. Take the opportunity to take the time to massage your face and neck for a long and delicate massage.

This oil will perfectly cleanse and moisturize dry and mature skin and remove any excess sebum from mixed and oily skin. 

For very persistent make-up (waterproof mascara, heavy lipstick, etc...), increase the amount of make-up remover oil to be applied a little and take the time to massage gently and longer.

The more you take care of your skin and the more it will return it to you, it is therefore essential to opt for make-up remover oils based on real vegetable oils rather than esterified oils. It's easy to spot, just check that the first ingredients on the INCI list are actually Latin plant names - for example "OLEA EUROPAEA" for olive oil.

The ritual of cleansing and/or make-up removal is an essential step in the care of one's skin, which has long been popular in the Far East.