Thanks to its richness in real freshly squeezed juice ofAloe vera juice and orange floral water, this precious lotion provides, in addition to cleansing and make-up removal, a real care for your skin. It soothes, calms redness and irritation and restores its hydrolipidic film; the first protective barrier against any aggression. 

Thanks to its active ingredients, it is also a perfect tonic lotion for the morning. 

It is the first beauty gesture that promotes the penetration of the treatments.

Used daily, it clears your skin of the impurities accumulated during the day - pollution, sebum, sweat, dead cells, etc. - which clog pores, dull the complexion and limit the absorption of your skin care products.

For persistent or waterproof make-up, use a make-up remover oil and then perfect with this lotion.

Avoid washing your face with soap. Detersion alters the essential surface skin lipids that prevent the stratum corneum from playing its protective role.